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2020 - 02 - 28
Techvision launched the operation module based on RK3399 platform SMARC2.0 With the rapid development of industry informatization and the diversification of application requirements in different industries, Techvision Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd launched the first SMARC2.0 computer module with RK3399 multi-core processor series TVI2317A. The module based on 64 bit dual core Cortex-A72 + Quad core Cortex-A53 is a high-performance module designed for low-power embedded computer. Users can develop carrier boards with different functions according to the application requirements of d...
2019 - 03 - 04
Recently, Techvision Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. applied for approval to join the PCI-SIG Association and officially became a new member of the PCI-SIG Association on March 3, 2019.      Membership will give Techvision more access. These services will help Techvision quickly enter the market through PCI-compatible devices, providing customers with more professional embedded design and services.      We are always committed to providing the best embedded solutions for every customer.About PCI-SIG     PCI-SIG: In the second half of 1991...
2018 - 04 - 20
The global sources spring mobile electronics show begins again in Asia world-expo at April 18, as the world's largest mobile electronics show, it’s booth number record has been broken again this year, up to more than 2800 booths.We brought our latest products to the show, including All in one, 2 in 1 Detachable, Convertible, Tablet, Notebook. In particular, the 2 in 1 device, TVE1201E, is Microsoft Hero Device.The exhibition includes cutting-edge black technology products from all over the world for visitors to enjoy and experience.From household computers to the ...
2018 - 04 - 20
Just after the lunar New Year holiday, Techvision across the Eurasian continent, came to Germany, the Mediterranean country, joined two important Germany World exhibition- 2018 Euro CIS and 2018 Embedded World.Both fairs began on February 27 and ended on March 1.EUROCIS - European commercial retail trade exhibition of IT technology and security solutions is a leading European retail IT and security solutions expo, is an essential part of the European retail exhibition, focus on introducing the solutions and importance of IT technology and security .Because it’s not only about whether retail is...
2018 - 04 - 20
BETT2018 Lasted three days at EXCEL hall in London from January 24 to 27, the the British Educational Training and Technology Show is the largest exhibition of international education technology, digital network education technology and facilities, also is the world's largest and most influential education teaching equipment exhibition.Such a grand exhibition, of course, cannot be missed.We took the latest products to the exhibition, communicate with our colleagues and customers, analyze the market, discover new opportunities, and strengthen the relationship with ...
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