Intel New retailing technology exchange-Enter the New retailing era

Intel New retailing technology exchange-Enter the New retailing era

    On December 14, Techvision was invited to participate in the Intel new retailing technology exchange meeting held in Xiamen, the two-day seminar ended today, on the conference, Intel and participating companies made a deep discussion about the 'New retailing' on the basis of their own understanding. Everyone analyzes the retail industry from all aspects since its generation to present , and came to a conclusion of the characteristics of the 'new retail retail - 3.0', listed the present new retail case planning, deeply explored the new business model combines Internet thinking with entities hardware innovativation , and each company introduce their product plans in the new era of retail.

The wonderful explanation and discussion let us learn the broad prospects of the development in the retail industry, also recognized the competition, technology exchange meeting created an atmosphere like we were having dialogue with the future, we could feel the great development of science and technology.

Techvision is looking forward to entering to the new retailing era together with you.

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